A WAY TO WIN: Paul Brown's Innovations

July 29, 2023 - January 7, 2024

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Paul Brown is considered the father of modern football.  From his high school to professional career, Brown put his players’ needs first to ensure they would be successful on and off the field.  He believed a successful team was educated, supported, and held to high standards.  In order to achieve this, Brown instituted classroom teaching techniques in the locker room, implemented the playbook and game film, assisted with the foundation of many support organizations, developed innovative play creation, invented various safety equipment, and drafted players who he knew would contribute to a winning team. 

His contributions to the game of football are measured in his effective implementation of strategy and innovation, and are still utilized today. 

“Ninety-five percent of everything that we do, from scouting players to breaking down film, to on-the-field teaching, everybody is still basically doing the same thing."  —Bill Belichick, A Football Life, NFL Productions, 2015.

“Paul never gave us a speech on integration. He gave us speeches on excellence.”  —Jim Brown, A Football Life, NFL Productions, 2015.

“Paul Brown transformed the game from a physical exercise to an intellectual exercise.”  —Cris Collinsworth, A Football Life, NFL Productions, 2015.

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